The Ozone Group has been built around the foundations of providing and protecting every individual’s well-being with a belief that life is precious. Ozone Group of Companies seek to provide protection and care to the society at large.  Its diversified interests in Pharmaceuticals, Beauty, Wellness, Food and Beverages and Skill Development are driven by the belief that it’s not enough adding years to life, what one needs to do is add life to years.

Ozone Group’s FMCG Division, Ozone Ayurvedics, founded on the ancient principles of Ayurveda, provides holistic and natural beauty treatments and products. Great skin is the first indication of good health and at Ozone, we believe that skincare is an important indicator of well-being. Ozone Ayurvedics blends organic ingredients with cutting edge science to bring a range of organic actives enriched premium products under Ozone Professional Range (OPR); these products are formulated to nourish and rejuvenate the skin across all to age groups, and skin conditions.

Ozone also entered hair care segment with launch of Novex and Nutrisalon, high-end hair care brands from Brazil. These products are enriched with Vitamin E and are 100% vegan made up of Natural ingredients of bamboo spout, wheat protein, olive oil, argan oil, etc. These are formulated to rejuvenate hair, and restore life and luster.

Ozone is now coming up with new products in the salon range, with premium range of facials. This range of products is designed to treat the skin, making it look beautiful and healthy, and provide radiance and glow to it, with organic active ingredients.