The perfect essence of Hair Care is the essential, remarkable blend of science and style. Novex Hair treatments are deep rooted in advanced scientific approach, hair health diagnosis offering products to maintain the health and Structure of your Hair.  Novex is a very nutritious deep conditioning system developed to treat the hair and restore its shine and smoothness. Its formula is enriched with Vitamin E, a main component for strength and hair growth. It is also used to recondition the hair following chemical treatments, such as straightening, relaxing, coloring, and excessive heat tools. The continuous deep treatment is the key to maintain healthy, shiny, silky and soft hair.

The professional line of Progressive Straightening Nutrisalon based on genuine Brazilian Keratin includes the exclusive LissRepairSystem®, developed to seal the hair cuticles and restore capillary mass. Progressively straights the hair after each application, providing a smooth, perfect, and healthy hair, with no frizz and incredible shine.