NutrisalonPlex Protection Line Hair Care Products

This professional line blocks damages and protects the hair fiber before and during the application of chemical processes, such as bleaching products, transformation (progressive straightening, permanent, relaxation or volume reduction) or even coloring assets, among others.

The NutrisalonPlex Protection System line is composed by 3 products: 


NutrisalonPlex Block

NutrisalonPlex Block: Serves as a blocker for damages caused by bleaching, relaxation, coloration, among other chemical processes.

NutrisalonPlex Safe: Works on the reconstruction and strengthening of hair strands.

NutrisalonPlex Safe



NutrisalonPlex Care

NutrisalonPlex Care: Provides extra protection activated by heat and seals the cuticles, giving more shine and softness to the hair.

Caution:Always respect the directions of use of the chemical process to be carried out.



NutrisalonPlex Block

Attention: Start by shaking NutrisalonPlex Block before use.

Measures: For each 100g of coloration cream, add 10ml of Nutriplex Block. Then, add hydrogen peroxide and mix.


Tip: To avoid interference with the final result, after mixing, replace the volume of the oxidant. When a 20 volume oxidizer is recommended, replace it with a 30 volume oxidizer, and so on.

Mix the NutrisalonPlex Block with the chemical process to be carried out, in this case, coloration, respecting the measures and following the technique as usual.

NutrisalonPlex Safe

Apply NutrisalonPlex Safe to damp hair strands. Massage repeatedly each strand from root to tip. Leave it on for 10 minutes to enhance the protective effect. Rinse.





NutrisalonPlex Care

Apply a small amount of NutrisalonPlex Care. Perform a brushing and flat iron the hair.

Tip: This product can also be used as a Leave In.


Measures: Put 1 portion of NutrisalonPlex Block for each 4 of bleaching powder. Then, add hydrogen peroxide and mix.


Example: For each 60g of bleaching powder, add 15ml of NutrisalonPlex Block.

Progressive Straightening 

Measures: For each 50ml of straightening product, add 5ml of NutrisalonPlex Block.


Caution: There may be a slight reduction in the straightening chemical performance. It is recommended to increase the actuation time in up to 10 minutes at most.

Permanent, Straightening, Relaxation or Softening

Measures: For each 100g of permanent, straightening, relaxation or softening cream, add 10ml of NutrisalonPlex Block.


Tip: We do not recommend the increase of the actuation time in chemical processes based on Ammonium Thioglycolate and Guanidine.

Tip for High Impact Restoration

NutrisalonPlex can also be used in regular and non-chemical hair washing for a high impact restoration plenty of hydration, nourishment and intense shine.

Step by Step:

1 – Mix a small amount of NutrisalonPlex Block (step 1) in hot water, apply through full extension of the hair and leave it for 20 to 30 minutes as the hair is more or less damaged.

2 – Wash the hair with the usual shampoo and rinse.

-Dry the hair with a towel and apply NutrisalonPlex Safe (step 2), leaving it for 20 minutes.

4 –  Rinse thoroughly, apply NutrisalonPlex Care (step 3), perform a brushing and flat iron.